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Project Description
A client-side Silverlight library for performing a bicubic resize.

This is a 7KB Silverlight DLL that can perform client-side bicubic resizes of WriteableBitmaps. It is used as an extension method:

    using System.Windows.Media.Imaging;

    //Initialize and load your image.
    var myImage = new WriteableBitmap();
    int newWidth, newHeight;
    var resizedImage = myImage.ResizeBicubic(newWidth, newHeight);

This code is borrowed from AForge and as such is bound to the terms of the LGPL. In order to minimize licensing impact, this single method has been abstracted out into its own DLL and re-released under the LGPL. Thanks to Marauderz for the initial port of the AForge code. Alpha channel is supported in this release.

For more WriteableBitmap image manipulation, please see the WriteableBitmapEx or Image Tools projects.

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